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United were listed on the New York

Just as Manchester United fans at Old Trafford in the stands hung on the banner: Giggs, since 1991 keep you apart. Tottenham Hotspur and Middlesbrough are the biggest victims, Giggs has 10 times the break both teams ' goal; arsenal will see Ryan Giggs is perhaps the most boring team, he has played 50 times gunman; but most wanted 26 years ago Sir Alex Ferguson not to come sign the 14-year-old club that laien·weierxun must be Manchester City. If it wasn't for that day by Manchester City Scout comfortably in the Office waiting for Ryan Giggs, door sign, perhaps history will be rewritten. If not for the Manchester United Ryan Giggs will have? Then the 1999 FA Cup semi-final replay, no one single slipping through the regulation buzzer; no one's goals in a Champions League final at the NOU camp set up Sheringham; no one rainy night last in Moscow proved to be winning a penalty ... ... Manchester United the most glorious in the history of the double and Triple Crown, may not appear. Due to the strength of its best last weekend defeated England home 0-1/substitute Germany, victory for United today make England proud, Smolin, and Wayne Rooney of Manchester United and Le Vau, Bender participated in a national team match, or perhaps the national team playing depressed, Rooney broke out today. This victory was depressed for a week of jubilant England media and commended United Germany victory, believes United Soccer name for England. Champions League group stage this season, nike huarache free uk 4 England teams and 4 Germany killing teams to catch on, because in the European standings in England and Germany very close to PK at the German club teams became the focus after the drawing of lots. Now that both sides have played 7 games, but Manchester City out of Bayern's poor performance, other English clubs performed very well: more than arsenal and is a mutual win; Manchester United and Chelsea are double kill opponents and is overwhelmingly won, at the Club level, England's advantage is quite obvious. Fernando Morientes Real Madrid legend, since 1997 after joining Real Madrid, he began his legendary journey. Effectiveness of Real Madrid's 6-year period, Fernando Morientes won the 1998, 2000 and 2002, with the team's three UEFA Champions League champions, as well as the 2001 and 2003 second degree help the team to win the La Liga champions. He certainly is a great name at Real Madrid, and he composed and Raul of Spain Real Madrid stars are legendary. Although the legend Bernabeu was a great success, but he nearly joined FC Barcelona. In addition, in the Premiership under the latest broadcasting deal nike lunarglide 5 uk propelled United surge in first-quarter earnings significantly. In core profits which forms an important part, Manchester United recorded a 22 million pounds, rose 36%. In accordance with such an increase, season 2013-2014 Manchester United's turnover is expected to reach 4.2 per cent pounds, would cut the gap with Real Madrid, Barcelona and other powers. In August 2012, United were listed on the New York Stock Exchange. On Wednesday, United's shares for $ 15.75 a share, meaning that Manchester United is currently valued at $ 2.6 billion dollars.
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came up with the ball after parading

Loyalty, Evergreen, dedicated, great, China Central television, can be easily hailed Wang Laoji inflammatory words for all, but for Ryan Giggs, and this is Just another day. Playing his love of football, force his love of Manchester United, his desire to take part in the training, play to play the game, but is rather trivial things. Ryan Giggs says birthday this day only special is that he is not going to take part in the training. But not that tired, but to pass through other characters may be hoaxes. Today I'm going to stay in bed, those guys must have something planned. Birthday I'd be very happy. Indeed, even play against Leverkusen, excellent, amazing runs, Ryan Giggs, also not surprising performance. People say Ryan Giggs now don't run anymore, in fact, he was still able to run, but without the acceleration when you are young. According to the Champions League this season with an average running distance per minute, Giggs 122.6 metres, Rooney 2 m less than the first, more than teammate Valencia 3 m. It's not hard to understand why some people said that he was "young" Ryan Giggs, may be said to be the largest tree from a more accurate. Two avant-garde score, and this is Moyers and his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson wants to see things all the time, they all hope that the midfielders can score more than alleviate pressure on the offensive line. Nani scored after 5-0 score stop-for Ferguson in the stands laughing flowers that open, in part because the team victory, partly because seeing midfield to score. Two guards and Smolin Evans scored a surprising strength, and Smolin, while Evans is very tall, but not a lot of nike free 5.0 mens scoring in the set pieces. Evans's last goal was 2012 boxing day, last year Champions League goal away Cluj last time, Smolin's last goal dates back to September 2011-Chelsea game has been 26 months later. Le Vau 0-5 loss was Germany team in Europe's big three cups of its worst loss in nearly 17 years, last Germany team lost to the visiting team 5 goals at home, still 1996-97 Kaiserslautern the season cent brondby, and when Manchester United away 4-0 lead, has already made history to become the 1th in the Champions League in Germany the English team scored 4 goals. 5 Champions League 3 goals 5 assists and Argentina human data are highly scary. Real Madrid 5-ball, dimaliya alone one of 8 goals, second only to shoot 2 8 10 balls of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is a general but, at Real Madrid is not a hard time lately. Bell's return, anqieluodisheng raw land deprived of their starting line-up from the dimaliya. Favor Argentina human bondage play is not very good at left end, why An Shuai is still with Ronaldo sidelined let Bell play right? He wants the people nike free 5.0 v4 womens of Wales used to completely in the right sense, so it's no mystery why let dimaliya play left wing. Isco following the last League shot meritorious, but this game then gains 1 wonderful goals. On 81 minutes, Real Madrid left diagonal pass, Isco turned out before the restricted area arc Riera, blast hit the rebound in Jayne's body not far from Spain genius came up with the ball after parading an acrobatic move back Hinnin low shot easily inside. Amazing goal! The Marca newspaper with emotion.
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out of the field at even strength against

Maybe you can ask him to tens of meters of old demons. In Leverkusen, Bayer arena, Manchester United to create largest scores Champions League away win record in 56 years, Ryan Giggs running 10,916 meters, running distance of only two teammates more than he does. This day he is still very young, 39, 363 days, is two days away from 40. How did that old man now so can play. Bayer Leverkusen central defender panting, incredulously ask Wayne Rooney. I don't know what to say, you can be sure of is, at his age I don't play. Rooney replied. November 29, 2013, Ryan Giggs 40 birthday. He was the era's biggest stars, at least in the age, the greatest. The past, Zidane, Ronaldo did not do in the future, Ronaldo, Messi is also very difficult to achieve. Manchester United today with RH goal ahead of Valencia, this is Valencia this season on the 3rd goal, it looks like he's scoring isn't much-but the wing is not good at scoring, his last season in the League, the Champions League, the FA Cup in the three races 38 appearances in the 1 ball, now has exceeded the results of last season. It is worth mentioning that, Valencia playing in nike free 4.0 v2 womens England, scoring only 25 games, he scored 25 of his team 24-1. Left midfielder Nani scored for Manchester United the 5th goal, that goal has little effect on the result, but it is very important for Nani, this is his first Champions League goal since 37 months. Nani is a very emotional player, confidence particularly important to him, from last season to now, Nani is no good, but his strength is there, today's goal for now at a low ebb he is timely. First half end up upset Carlo Ancelotti's pre-match Ramos early deployment, resisted fiercely by Real Madrid in the second half of the time, had been working with the Galatasaray deal. But in the second half, the situation on the field again is good for Real Madrid. The 51st minute, dimaliya's iconic 45 degree crossing exactly fall into the restricted area of Middle Road, this time on the left. Flank in front of Arbeloa cool fire break. 2-1, Real Madrid once again mastered the field up to the initiative. nike free 4.0 v3 womens It is also dimaliya in 5 Champions League 5th assists, in Europe first. Argentina not only assists, fire doors of the same unambiguous. 63 minutes of the match, Arbeloa to dimaliya for feedback, Spain internationals closed area on the right disposition ball, dimaliya road, a left foot blast score. On the game, he also had 2 key passes and 3 times, out of the field at even strength against Rob back half, and successfully steals 2 times.
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dimaliya playing time was compressed

Without van Persie, Manchester United's attack has been playing very well, so visit today in Leverkusen, when van Persie continued absence of news, many people United squeezed sweat, but the result is surprising, easy 5-0 win Manchester United, the team more flowering, not only the two sides avant scored two rare goals by Defender to score. Only things more alarm big, Government, and Football Association and team official only will note to they of demand, but while is Government and Football Association to its violence behavior of not as more nike free 3.0 v4 womens contributed to has they arrogant of arrogance, this also let Italy Stadium of attendance became increasingly poor, increasingly more of "citizen" fans are not willing to again to stadium see ball, this also indirect led to has team of economic increasingly poor, no too more money buy people of Italy team in European field of performance also increasingly poor, in inadvertently between in has a vicious circle. Chris shuker even villas-Boas best successors chosen at the ready, that's Ferguson, a retired this summer, "my dream, my good friend Alex day is really boring, he wanted to return to coaching positions. Then he took his dreamy wife stationed in the city of London, to coach our team. If he could see Spurs games, I find great real estate for him and his wife. Tottenham hit 100 million pounds of aid practices this summer, Chris shuker will have something to say, Levi sold Bell, this is a good deal. Bell wants to go, Levi had no choice. Lieweirangfulangge-Baldini to buy people, but I think that spurs might be the money in order to pay. Maybe we should just calm down, select targeted money look like Wenger. We have 90 million pounds for coach flower, but rather than a one-off spend the money. Ronaldo missing due to injuries, Benzema rest sat on the bench, when the BBC recently swept Europe combine only one Bell left when the answer is Yes, in addition to shooting meritorious "exotic flowers" Arbeloa, similarly shot meritorious dimaliya stages and at the end of the game to be playing great ball Isco 1 Heli up overall. Ryan Giggs 40 years of age, as the only remaining United, "92 gold generation", Welsh by reds teenager till now greying at the temples, is indeed the "presented the 40 red, small medium casting legend, now every time womens nike free 3.0 v5 when Ryan Giggs pass, every run, are fans witnessed a legend. Beset by 433 tactics and his injured while on international duty, Real Madrid's recent 2 games ryung didn't get playing opportunities. The Galatasaray a battle, the injury of Argentina were able to nearly 3 times the first time wearing a white shirt on. Compared with early-season shoulder the last core Bell robs the line-up of dimaliya playing time was compressed, but this does not restrict to Real Madrid, 22nd miracle play in the game.
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exposure rate to seek more of interest

Tottenham this summer, Bell will head to the world's highest value was sold to Real Madrid, White Hart Lane Regiment immediately put the money poured into the transfer market in the summer, they successively introduce Paulinho, Roberto Soldado, world top-class assistance such as Sven-Goran Eriksson. However, Tottenham this season's results are not satisfactory. Premier League after 12 rounds, the North London stalwart 9th only from city rival team Arsenal 8 apart. Huge investment would not change nike air max 90 cheap the results of the upgrade, villas-Boas has been involved in school crisis. Bookmakers even had he let out a very low odds. However, Chelsea's brief experience, villas-Boas learned anti-stress, News Conference, he dismissed rumours, stressed that he still won the trust of Board of Directors and players. However, from 1991 to 2001, served as the Tottenham Chairman Chris shuker in an interview on talkSPORT radio, did not share the techniques and tactics of the villas-Boas, the "I'm not understanding the tactics of villas-Boas, the team cannot let me see hope of scoring. Defeated Manchester City 4, 5, 6 games before, you do not see the possibility of team goals. Villas-Boas paibingbuzhen, I don't even understand. I admit, I'm not an expert on soccer, but I really don't understand his tactics. Final Bayern President spoke about the topic of Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi, has lately been news that Bayern Munich are interested in bringing in Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi, even willing to buy out contracts took him directly. Hernes said firmly, Bayern never considered introducing Messi, Messi things we have not considered, the topic of Macy's has always belonged to Bayern, we would not be nike air max 1 cheap considered in the future. We will not pay for Macy's transfer fee, and it is still so huge termination payments. You could say, Martinez's 40 million euros, Gertze 37 million euros transfer fee for Bayern already is a special case. In fact, in Italy, soccer has become a very serious problem, Italy does not like the United Kingdom, and Germany and other countries, they don't have the economic use of State violence against those who attempt to make trouble with football fans, Italy team not be able to control yourself, like the German fans. Although Italy of team also has official admits of fans Club, but compared to Yu participate in a years to handed in to team official must number registered fee of DOC Club, most fans more willing to joined no Club official certification, and more free and more radical of extreme fans Club, in here, they can free of abuse each other fans, they must to to himself of fans will signs of exposure rate to seek more of interest, they which of part people is to extreme fans will for money of way, And Italy increasingly higher unemployment, more extreme fans want this way to express their political aspirations, this stadium violence continue.
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