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out of the field at even strength against

Maybe you can ask him to tens of meters of old demons. In Leverkusen, Bayer arena, Manchester United to create largest scores Champions League away win record in 56 years, Ryan Giggs running 10,916 meters, running distance of only two teammates more than he does. This day he is still very young, 39, 363 days, is two days away from 40. How did that old man now so can play. Bayer Leverkusen central defender panting, incredulously ask Wayne Rooney. I don't know what to say, you can be sure of is, at his age I don't play. Rooney replied. November 29, 2013, Ryan Giggs 40 birthday. He was the era's biggest stars, at least in the age, the greatest. The past, Zidane, Ronaldo did not do in the future, Ronaldo, Messi is also very difficult to achieve. Manchester United today with RH goal ahead of Valencia, this is Valencia this season on the 3rd goal, it looks like he's scoring isn't much-but the wing is not good at scoring, his last season in the League, the Champions League, the FA Cup in the three races 38 appearances in the 1 ball, now has exceeded the results of last season. It is worth mentioning that, Valencia playing in nike free 4.0 v2 womens England, scoring only 25 games, he scored 25 of his team 24-1. Left midfielder Nani scored for Manchester United the 5th goal, that goal has little effect on the result, but it is very important for Nani, this is his first Champions League goal since 37 months. Nani is a very emotional player, confidence particularly important to him, from last season to now, Nani is no good, but his strength is there, today's goal for now at a low ebb he is timely. First half end up upset Carlo Ancelotti's pre-match Ramos early deployment, resisted fiercely by Real Madrid in the second half of the time, had been working with the Galatasaray deal. But in the second half, the situation on the field again is good for Real Madrid. The 51st minute, dimaliya's iconic 45 degree crossing exactly fall into the restricted area of Middle Road, this time on the left. Flank in front of Arbeloa cool fire break. 2-1, Real Madrid once again mastered the field up to the initiative. nike free 4.0 v3 womens It is also dimaliya in 5 Champions League 5th assists, in Europe first. Argentina not only assists, fire doors of the same unambiguous. 63 minutes of the match, Arbeloa to dimaliya for feedback, Spain internationals closed area on the right disposition ball, dimaliya road, a left foot blast score. On the game, he also had 2 key passes and 3 times, out of the field at even strength against Rob back half, and successfully steals 2 times.
2.12.13 02:55
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