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came up with the ball after parading

Loyalty, Evergreen, dedicated, great, China Central television, can be easily hailed Wang Laoji inflammatory words for all, but for Ryan Giggs, and this is Just another day. Playing his love of football, force his love of Manchester United, his desire to take part in the training, play to play the game, but is rather trivial things. Ryan Giggs says birthday this day only special is that he is not going to take part in the training. But not that tired, but to pass through other characters may be hoaxes. Today I'm going to stay in bed, those guys must have something planned. Birthday I'd be very happy. Indeed, even play against Leverkusen, excellent, amazing runs, Ryan Giggs, also not surprising performance. People say Ryan Giggs now don't run anymore, in fact, he was still able to run, but without the acceleration when you are young. According to the Champions League this season with an average running distance per minute, Giggs 122.6 metres, Rooney 2 m less than the first, more than teammate Valencia 3 m. It's not hard to understand why some people said that he was "young" Ryan Giggs, may be said to be the largest tree from a more accurate. Two avant-garde score, and this is Moyers and his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson wants to see things all the time, they all hope that the midfielders can score more than alleviate pressure on the offensive line. Nani scored after 5-0 score stop-for Ferguson in the stands laughing flowers that open, in part because the team victory, partly because seeing midfield to score. Two guards and Smolin Evans scored a surprising strength, and Smolin, while Evans is very tall, but not a lot of nike free 5.0 mens scoring in the set pieces. Evans's last goal was 2012 boxing day, last year Champions League goal away Cluj last time, Smolin's last goal dates back to September 2011-Chelsea game has been 26 months later. Le Vau 0-5 loss was Germany team in Europe's big three cups of its worst loss in nearly 17 years, last Germany team lost to the visiting team 5 goals at home, still 1996-97 Kaiserslautern the season cent brondby, and when Manchester United away 4-0 lead, has already made history to become the 1th in the Champions League in Germany the English team scored 4 goals. 5 Champions League 3 goals 5 assists and Argentina human data are highly scary. Real Madrid 5-ball, dimaliya alone one of 8 goals, second only to shoot 2 8 10 balls of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is a general but, at Real Madrid is not a hard time lately. Bell's return, anqieluodisheng raw land deprived of their starting line-up from the dimaliya. Favor Argentina human bondage play is not very good at left end, why An Shuai is still with Ronaldo sidelined let Bell play right? He wants the people nike free 5.0 v4 womens of Wales used to completely in the right sense, so it's no mystery why let dimaliya play left wing. Isco following the last League shot meritorious, but this game then gains 1 wonderful goals. On 81 minutes, Real Madrid left diagonal pass, Isco turned out before the restricted area arc Riera, blast hit the rebound in Jayne's body not far from Spain genius came up with the ball after parading an acrobatic move back Hinnin low shot easily inside. Amazing goal! The Marca newspaper with emotion.
2.12.13 02:55
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